let your breath lead the way

In this video you get to ride your Dragon!

This practice is called “Awaken the Dragon” because one way you can imagine your Dragon is the creative energy and power of life called Shakti. When you practice yoga you dance with Shakti, and ride the energy of your breath (also called Prana).

We’ll work with poses that cultivate flow and power, so, unfurl your mat and get ready to fly upon the wings of your breath!

Be sure to write down any insights in your Rider’s Journal.

A good complement to this practice is the breathing exercise called “Ujjayi Breath” on page 174-175 of Yoga for Dragon Riders. This breathing technique is one that works well with active yoga practices because it helps you smooth out your breath and cultivate the purifying fire within. It also helps you maintain your awareness on the present moment because you hear the ocean sound of your breath.

Also, you may like to read the “Message from the Dragons” on page 217. It helps you understand what the energy of the Dragons is all about.

To download the printable PDF of this practice, right click here and save to your computer.