let your breath lead the way

In this video I invite you to spread your wings and fly with the winds of Shakti. The practice uses a playful sequence of standing poses and balances to bring you into full flow with your breath.

Balancing the Individual self and Universal self is what being a Dragon Rider (living your yoga) is all about. In order to do this, you find the balance between strength and spaciousness. This allows you to live to your highest potential: grounded, steady, supported, sensitive—connected to a bigger energy and your own inner knowing.

Do you want to write down anything you noticed in this practice?

You might want to go for a mindful journey outside and practice the “Walking Meditation” on page 168-169 of Yoga for Dragon Riders. This is an excellent way to increase your ability to stay present and centered while you’re out and about in everyday life.

Also, if you want to understand the idea of Shakti more fully, read “Shakti” on page 13, and “Shiva and Shakti” on page 205.

To download the printable PDF of this practice, right click here and save to your computer.