let your breath lead the way

This class is a pulsation of poses, opening on many levels and especially the hips. There will also be the option to do Shoulderstand at the end of class. Please only do this pose if you know you can practice it safely. Legs up the Wall pose is a great alternative.

A Dragon Rider is one who rides the waves of life skillfully. Yoga teaches us to do this, with every backbend, forward bend, twist, hip opener, and perspective shift. Breath by breath. We connect to the wise, loving power that is the Dragon—we co-create with Shakti by breathing, moving energy, and living life to the very best of our abilities in each moment.

Living fully is returning to wholeness. It requires harmony in pulsation. There is flow and beauty, gratitude and generosity. Receptive reciprocity. Nurturing and nourishing . . .

Do you have your journal nearby? What thoughts and feelings come up for you right now?

This is an opportune time to read 8 lines beneath the heading “Integrating the Fourth Initiation,” on page 160 of Yoga for Dragon Riders. Each time you practice yoga on your mat, it benefits every aspect of life. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a full length practice. This is where you learn the skills and longer classes are important to integrate in your weekly practice. However, even ten minutes can not only make your body feel good, but the effects of this meaningful practice ripple out to light up your whole world.

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