Important: This website functions on the honour system.

Instead of usernames, passwords, and logins, you are trusted and have free access to the videos. Please be sure you have purchased the videos before viewing. This is my livelihood, and your support is infinitely appreciated! If you are unable to pay full price and would be tempted to use the videos anyway, perhaps you would be willing to donate whatever you can afford. An immense amount of time, care, and effort has gone into creating this, and I also need to feed my family, you know? :)

Why not just have a login like every other website?

Because I believe in the basic goodness of people, and that each of us wants to do the right thing. Also, I have a desire for more transparency in the world: less walls and separation to divide us, more kindness and trust to unite us.

This is what feels right to me. It’s simple, easy, and—in my opinion—one more step towards a better world.

If you need, you can reach me at

Brightest blessings to you!

Katrina Ariel