let your breath lead the way

In this video you’ll be led through a practice designed to cultivate Vitality and Flow.

This class was filmed on the Chinese New Year as we welcomed the year of the Water Dragon. The practice includes a Warrior Chi flow and helps you build your own awareness of the flowing energy within and all around you.

Be sure you have your props for this and all Deep Healing classes (blocks, blankets, bolsters). You can get creative with pillows around your house if you don’t have a bolster.

As always, please listen to your body and modify as needed. Enjoy!

Here is the Invocation sung at the beginning of class:

Om Namah Shivaya Gurave
Sachidananada Murtaye
Nishprapanchaya Shantaya
Niralambaya Tejase

To learn the meaning of this mantra, click here: The Niralambaya Upanishad (a.k.a. Anusara Yoga Invocation)

After you watch this video, you might get out your journal and jot down any insights you got from your practice.

A good meditation to pair with this practice is the breathing exercise called “Slow, Deep Breathing” on page 174 of Yoga for Dragon Riders. You could do the meditation before this video, before Savasana at the end of the practice, or perhaps enjoy it later on in the day. Meditating before bed is a great way to unwind your mind and relax.